A new beginning after a decade of dance

After ten years of performances, Music & Motion Dance has restructured and recast itself as MM2.

MM2 remains committed to the development of unique performance concepts, group collaboration and the exposure of new and underserved audiences to dance and the performing arts. We firmly believe in the collaborative process in which all company members contribute to the creation of movement that is rich in synergy, imagination, celebration and spirit.

MM2’s mission is to provide emerging dancers with the opportunity to perform in professional venues as well as create choreography, utilizing contemporary movement, that connects both dancer and audience in a meaningful, relevant experience. Collaboration is central to the mission in which movement and choreography is contributed by all members of the company as a group process.

MM2 creates dance works for the stage, outdoor landscapes and arts related venues, offering free or subsidized programs in order to make dance more accessible to the public. As a company, we believe that dance is a shared experience, through which we can better understand our common humanity by appreciating and exploring the different inflections of this art form.