MM2 Dance meets MM2 The Band and works with MM – Megan Mazarick

What is in a name?  For MM2 Modern Dance Company, it was the revision and remake of its former existence as Music & Motion Dance.  No longer geared towards teens or pre-professional dancers, MM2 Modern Dance emerged in 2009 as a professional dance company with a paid cast in their twenties, who hold advanced college degrees and training in dance. MM2 Dance has since developed as an incubator, providing support, space and opportunities for new emerging dance artists, who wish to explore the choreographic process, in order to cultivate and introduce new work to new audiences.

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MM2 Dance Company takes a modern dance workshop with Megan Mazarick

On Saturday, May 6, 2012, the company had the opportunity to take a modern dance workshop with Megan Mazarick.  The entire company was drawn in to the mix of technique, along with Megan’s own blend of creative movement. The class helped to open open an entirely new perspective and approach to viewing and creating modern dance movement.

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