Back in the studio developing new works for 2014 – BREATH

Continuing to build on its success from this past season, which included performances throughout the Philadelphia region and tour in Florence, Italy, the dancers of MM2 Modern Dance Company are once again back in the studio creating an entirely new body of work for the 2014 season called BREATH.

Our breath delivers needed oxygen to the physical body, but it also brings energies needed to nourish our spirits.  Allowing the breath of life to manifest fully through us and others, begins with sensing and observing ourselves in the present, paying special attention to the tensions that propel us through time, as well as the inner attitudes that fuel them.  It allows us to be aware of “what is”. This consciousness is the beginning of real transformation, both for ourselves personally and for the world around us. It all begins with an awareness of breath.

Artistic Director, Brianne Scott goes on to add “Our breathing moves the body, whether we are conscious of it or not. Dancing with full breath can facilitate the movement of our bodies, allowing for them to flow freely through a space. I’m hoping the audience will experience this physical freeness as well as the fullness of movement in our performance.”

BREATH is being developed in two separate installments, with the first being presented in the Spring of 2014 and the second half by Summer. The Fall season will conclude with all eight new works being presented under one bill.

This season’s dancers and choreographers for BREATH are Jessica Bryan, Jenna Faye Eugenides, Kaylee Goodwin, Jillian Ikeler, Jennifer Laucella, Alison Liney and  Brianne Scott.

MM2 continues to provide dancers with the opportunity to create choreography, utilizing contemporary movement  that connects both dancer and audience in a meaningful, relevant experience. With collaboration central to the company’s mission, movement and choreography is contributed by all members of the company in the development of the season’s body of work.