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MM2 Modern Dance is managed by Rainbow Promotions Inc.
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–Flat level performance area 30 feet long by 24 feet deep.
— Secure area near performance site for costume changes.
— Access to electric  (1 x 20a circuit for sound only | 4 x 20a circuits for sound and lighting)
*** We can be extremely flexible with our set up needs and often do site specific work. Please just advise as best as possible about your venue, so that we may be properly prepared. When possible, we can arrange for an advance site visit.

–Acceptable surfaces are marley dance floor, finished wood floor and if outdoors, low cut grass.
–Please note MM2 can provide its own portable marley floor to lay over most smooth level surfaces.

–When possible,  we prefer to use an on site or existing sound system. Our music is on laptop computer and we have a cable that terminates to a 1/2″ male jack that can plug in to most amp or mixer boards. Laptop takes a male 1/4″ jack input.
–Please note MM2 can provide its own full sound system, accommodating most venues up to 500 seats.

–When possible, we prefer to use the in-house lighting system and your technician. A basic light house plot is acceptable for most of our limited engagements. For longer runs, we will work with your LD to optimize the set up required for a full stage presentation.
–Please note MM2 can provide its own portable lighting system with light trees or trussing and a 16 channel dmx programmable board. Our dimmer packs can run on standard 20amp grounded house current. (see electric requirements above)

–Please contact us directly.