Two Unique Collaborations for 2011

For the 2011 season, MM2 Modern Dance has taken on two collaborative partners.

Daniel Ison
is both our musician and composer in residence. Dan had worked with MM2 last year creating an original score to which choreography was set for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. For 2011, he is composing new works to be used in conjunction with ONE WORD. In addition, Dan will be providing live music for improvisational dance pieces that the company will be presenting throughout the year. The first of these improvisational sessions will be on April 23rd at 2:00pm at the Grounds for Sculpture.  Daniel Ison is currently completing his degree in music composition at Eastern University. He has studied under Ron Matthews, John Greenland, and Scott Robinson.  Both a composer and musician, with a strong interest in a multidisciplinary approach,  Dan’s more recent work has focused not only instrumental music but composition for dance and theater. He has performed with the band Broadcast Hearts, playing both synth and keyboard.  Presently, he is interning at Eastern University’s Theatre program in the field of sound design.

Max Lipka is MM2’s newest collaboration partner as Cinematographer in Residence. Recognizing the creative possibilities of dance on camera, MM2 will be working with Max on a variety of film projects to be presented at festivals nationally and internationally during the year. Max comes from an artistic background and became interested in film making at an early age. He has recently graduated from DeSales University in 2010 with a BA in TV/Film production. His background consists of fine art photography, corporate/marketing films and independent films which all inherit his artistic eye and attention to detail. Within the last year he has also endeavored into screen dance, which infuses the beauty of dance and film into one visual delight.